Benevolent Capitalism: Google Hangout series

Benevolent Capitalism: Google Hangout series 
With Gary Douglas, Steve Bowman & Chutisa Bowman

Want to create a better world – try benevolent Capitalism, the conscious way to create a business.

In this free Google Hangout series Gary, Steve and Chutisa would present different way of thinking about capitalism and sustainability that will encourage you to see your business and financial reality in a different way. 

Our priority is to bring about a sustainable future and radical breakthroughs for the benefit of planet and humanity.  If we don’t start functioning from benevolent capitalism and we continue to function from using and abusing to get what we want, the end result is going to be a world that’s not liveable.

The target of this Google Hangout series

* Changing the conversation globally about what business can be. Too much of what’s been done here is Capitalism based on “I have to get my share” and not caring if anyone else does. Unless businesses function from benevolent capitalism and from what it would take to create more in the world for everybody, not just themselves, eventually we are going to use up the planets’ resources, we are not going to create a sustainable reality, nor a sustainable planet. By sustainable, we’re not just talking “survive”, we’re talking about where it actually grows and becomes something even greater.

* A way of creating business that doesn’t harm the world – facilitate business to see that they can’t do capitalism from just what they can get out of it. Businesses have to do it from how it contributes to them, the planet and everybody else.

* Inspiring the regeneration of business and industries that are currently stuck due to existing commonly held beliefs that they have to create their business from the competition of “I have to get my market share” -  to look at the different futures that can be created.

* Creating a Sustainable Future. Getting corporate leaders and their investors on board with more sustainable and benevolent ways to view business.


"If your target was to create a world that is sustainable, a world that would continue to grow and continue to expand far beyond what it currently is – what would you BE or DO different?"