Money is actually easy to attract.

Money is actually easy to attract. There is an abundance of money and resources—a never-ending supply. It is only unwillingness to receive that makes these things hard to obtain.

We have learned from discussions we have had with clients, colleagues, and workshop participants from around the world that many people have fixed points of view and negative beliefs about money. The fixed points of view and the beliefs have different story lines, but their effects and consequences are always the same: they prevent money from flowing effortlessly through your life and your business. We have discovered that money is never the problem. The problem is our unwillingness to receive, which is a by-product of the way we think about money or about ourselves.

In order to create any kind of limitation,  you have to cut off your receiving.

It is only what you have decided you cannot receive that limits what you can have in life. We have learned that if anything in our lives is not working, it is because we are unwilling to perceive, know, be, or receive something. When we notice that we feel limited, we make it a practice to become more receptive and vigilant. We catch ourselves in the act of resisting or reacting to something and ask ourselves this question: What am I unwilling to receive here?

Asking ourselves, “What am I unwilling to receive here?” has allowed us to become more aware of our fixed points of view about our reality and how wealth can be created.