2-Day Workshops





The Art Of Creating Business From The Edge Of Possibility


Are you getting exactly what you desire from your business?

  • Do you enjoy your business? Do you find it fulfilling and rewarding?      
  • Do you have a clear sense of where you are going, how to get there, and how to generate and sustain a highly profitable business?      
  • Do you have a powerful business vision and generative strategies that continually create innovative solutions, and generates new ideas that expand your business?

Or are you experiencing    

  • Frustration that your business is not going where you want it to?      
  • Discouragement because you’re not getting the results you want for the time and money you're investing? 
  • Regret that your business doesn’t provide the lifestyle and the financial autonomy you require?



What if there were different possibilities?

What if you could create far beyond anything you currently know or can imagine?

What if you could open the doors to being everything you have decided it is not possible to be?



Discover the way forward for your business

Dates and Topics

28 July 2014: Five keys to business success – How to thrive till 2025 and beyond

4 August 2014: How to prosper in turbulent times – strategies that work!

11 August 2014: Using innovation to create more revenue streams 

18 August 2014: Being unstoppable – from fear to unlimited possibilities 


Time:          10.00pm Melbourne;

                    2.00pm Copenhagen;

                    1.00pm London;

                    7.00am Houston

Location:      Your Phone, Your Home, Your Town


Cost:            US$350 (255Euro) for all 4 topics

                    or try first one for US$100 (75Euro), then if you choose to have all 4 topics you can pay US$250 for the remainder        

                    You receive a free mp3 download for each session

Facilitators:                Chutisa and Steven Bowman

Event Coordinator:   Lisen Bengtsson


Who are the teleseminars designed for?

The teleseminars are designed for existing business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to escape the ‘rat race’ and start their own business.