Fixed points of view will lead you nowhere but into mediocrity

In Brief

Our points of view shape the business we create. What fixed points of view do you have that you are creating without you even realising you are creating it.

How do you know when you have a fixed point of view? The best way of becoming aware of your fixed point of view is when you feel the need to defend something, and when you start to feel agitated or angry when someone says or does something that does not meet your already formed fixed point of view (even if you are unable to articulate what it is).

You can be sure that your staff or key people in your life are aware of your fixed points of view, even if you are not.

Ideas for Action

Be willing to let the fixed point of view go. Use "interesting point of view I have this interesting point of view"

What if every time you felt agitated or angry, you realised that it was coming from a fixed point of view, and you were willing to let that point of view go and see what else showed up? 

Questions to ask

What fixed points of view do I have that is holding my business and my life back?

Am I willing to let them go?