Living in the question allows you to perceive different possibilities

In Brief

When you ask a question that opens up possibilities, it allows you to look at things from different points of view. When you are being the question, you are "being" the curiosity and you facilitate the possibility of things showing up that you couldn't imagine. Mathematics, quantum physics, music and many other professions have known about the interaction between energy and the physical world. When you are being the question you are then open to seeing some of these possibilities.

Ideas for Action

Look at everything from a curiosity point of view. "What if...?" should be a state of being that you embrace.

Always look for the question, rather than the answer. Einstein once famously said "If you give me an hour to solve a problem, I will spend the first 55 minutes looking at the questions."

Questions to ask

What question can I be here that would give me different awarenesses"