Everything is choice. Everything is infinite possibility

In Brief

Choice is just choice, it is not a lifetime sentence! Choice means that you can also choose differently later. Most people regard what should be a choice is in fact a decision, ie they believe it is set in stone, final, fixed, and they defend that decision forever. Everything is choice, everything is infinite possibility. From choice, you can create, from decision you are locked in. Choice changes when it needs to change, decisions do not.

Ideas for Action

Review everything where you believe you have made a decision, and ask "If this wasn't so, what else is possible?"

What if you viewed every "decision" as just a choice? 

Questions to ask

If money/reputation were not an object, would I choose this?

Does this choice work for me?

What choices do I have here, after all choice is only good for about 10 seconds, and then if need be I can choose again.