Conscious leadership comes from within

To become a truly conscious leader, you must start with yourself.  It begins with an inner state, which creates a progression of external behaviors.


In Brief

Conscious, unconscious and anticonscious leadership are just choices that every individual makes.

Conscious leaders are those who choose to be the question in everything they do, where they function from curiosity, and judge nothing.

Unconscious leaders are on autopilot, don't like risk, will not think strategically, do not have a vision for the organization.

Anticonscious leaders function from "I am right, and unless you agree with me, you are wrong". They actively work against the awareness of the organization, they don't like sharing information, and function from fixed points of view about how life in general should be.

Ideas for Action

Be aware of where you function from. In any one day you could be all three styles of leadership. Just be aware, and choose differently when it is required.

Whatever style of leadership you choose, is what your staff and colleagues will pick up, and will emulate in different ways. If you want your staff, suppliers, colleagues etc to function with greater awareness themselves, be this yourself.

Questions to ask

Am I functioning from conscious, unconscious or anticonscious leadership in this instance?

What would need to change for me to be more aware and conscious in these circumstances?