A powerful vision makes your organization, your products, and your service solution unique

In Brief

Be aware of what your vision or target in life is. The words to describe this are less important than the actual energy that your vision or target represents. Then you can match opportunities and possibilities against that energy, even if it doesn't make logical sense.

There are generally two types of vision statements- one that is focused on the organisation being the best, the most effective, world leader etc. The second, more powerful vision statement, is one that elucidates the impact you want to have on the communities you serve. This vision statement then can become the first strategic filter to help you choose possibilities and allocate resources.

Ideas for Action

Ask yourself "What impact do I want to have on the communities I serve?". "What difference do I want to create in people's lives?".

Test the power of your vision statement by taking one of your successful products, programs or services, and map it against the various elements of your vision. What further ideas and possibilities does your vision hint at, that would create even more impact on your communities, using already existing programs and services as the base. This is the key to high powered innovation and creativity. 

Questions to ask

How would I describe the energy of the difference I want to make in people's lives

What else could I be and do that would creeate this difference in the world?