Leaders who are flexible and able to change rise above obstacles

In Brief

Once you or your business think that you "have it right", then you are already stagnating. There is no question of "what else is possible", and innovation stops.

Your business has its own life, and if it does not expand and grow, it will die. This does not necessarily mean that you have to get "bigger", it does mean that you have to constantly expand into "what else is possible" 

Ideas for Action

Take something that you or your staff believe you have "right", and ask your staff "if we couldn't do it this way, what would need to change". Keep asking this question until you and your staff come up with other strategically feasible options. There are infinite ways of doing anything, so what other ways would create even greater expansion in your life and business.

Questions to ask

What do we believe we have got "right", that is actually holding us back from creating something even greater?