What would it be like to live at the generative edge of infinite possibilities

In Brief

Be willing to look at what is "outside of the box" for your industry and your business. Nothing has to be the "best way", the "right way". What are the possibilities that are out there, not limiting it to what your market or industry currently does. The truly successful companies are those that constantly look at what are the other possibilities out there, whout limiting to what has been or what others are doing.

There are infinite possibilities out there, so research, look at, be aware of what some of those possibilities could be, not just what everyone else is doing. 

Ideas for Action

Whenever you feel you are being trapped into "this is how my industry works", or "this is the way it has to be", then just remind yourself that there are infinite possibilities, and keep looking. You will find these possibilities if you keep looking and keep asking "What else?"

Questions to ask

 "What am I not being, that if I chose to be, would change my reality?"

"What if there was infinite possibility, infinite resources...who would I talk to, where would I look, what information would facilitate greater awareness."