Be aware of the reality you exist in

What you believe is what you create.

In Brief

Your assumptions and beliefs about your business, your market, the sector, government etc are all what shapes your creation of your business. What if you didn't buy other peoples models of business? What if you created your own?

Ideas for Action

Write down all your assumptions about how your business must work, because that is how the market works, that's how others do it etc ......... Turn each of these assumptions upside down, and see what possibilities that generates for you.

Set aside 2 hours every month, and ask yourself..."what do I think I have right in my business" Then look to see how you can do this different. 

Questions to ask

What if everything was the opposite of what it appeared to be?

What if all the "you can't do it that way" views that others held actually generated you revenue because you chose to create your own reality? What if...? What if....?