No More Business As Usual  Movement

Our target is to empower and inspire people to consciously create the future and to be the change in the world through simple choices in their everyday life.

'No More Business As Usual' signals a new approach to the future for both individuals and organizations. By knowing what you would like to create  in work and life, you can create change in the world more than you ever thought possible. Living and creating a sustainable future, beginning in the here and now. 

No more business as usual is about inspiring & empowering people to see different possibilities and to recognize what is truly possible if we all choose to consciously create our future

Why does it matter?

Collectively, we all desire to have a happy and successful life. Yet research shows most people do not have any idea about what they would like to create as a future.

Backed by studies being done within the quantum physics field, we’ve discovered that there are actually tangible ways to generate success in our lives and create future potential possibilities. 

And that’s where 'No More Business As Usual' comes in. We exist to inspire and empower people, organizations, and businesses to see different possibilities and to consciously create their future.

What do we choose to do about it?

  • To inspire people to see the world through a different lens.
  • To empower people to consciously create the future. 
  • To be a catalyst for change in the world.

The NMBAU Movement grows with every person that chooses to consciously create the future. With all of us working towards being a catalyst for change in the world, together we’re generating different possibilities in the world.

How exactly is 'No More Business As Usual' doing it

Global Connections. Whether it’s Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  Google Hangouts, webinars and online on, we’re bringing people together. And these aren’t average people – these are dynamic and inspiring individuals that have made the commitment to be a game changer and a catalyst for different possibilities in the world.

NMBAU@work.  By partnering with people globally, we’re developing the program '21 Days to kick start different possibilities'  - where people set aside 21 days to cultivate their capacity to function in the moment, where they can change anything as needed. Where they can create a sustainable future and be aware of how they can apply all this to their lives.

Inspiring Content@NMBAU. Information and choice create AWARENESS, which is why we create futurology and game changing content – videos, articles and stories of real people creating change and different possibilities in their own way.