If your business strategy is not prepared for the future, your business could become irrelevant. The minute you stop innovating is the minute you become irrelevant. 

No More Business As Usual' is about change, about choice and about unlimited possibilities. 

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Key Points

'No More Business As Usual' is about change, about choice and about unlimited possibilities. In particular, it presents a new way of generating innovative business and leading a life that is a significant departure from the status quo and conventional approach.  

Five Key Points

1. Every organization must develop innovation as a key strategy. If they don’t, they definitely won’t survive the fast velocity of change that transpires in the world today. Innovation is key to your success no matter what your business is. Innovation is the only path to growth, prosperity and business sustainability.

2. Maintaining a business as usual model in an increasingly precarious business environment and during times of rapid, disruptive change can be a recipe for disaster. Leaders must relinquish any business model that anchors the business firmly to the past and shift the focus to future possibilities.

3. Business leaders must have the skill and insight to prepare for a future that’s rushing at them faster than ever before. Being a Pragmatic Futurist and expanding the power to shape futures is more important than ever in our world of accelerating transformation.

4. Innovative capability is the single most vital leadership competency for future success. It is a skill like any other, and like other skills, it can be developed. There is no genetic or neurological basis for the ability to innovate.

5. The three key conceptual building blocks of the No More Business As Usual paradigm are: Conscious Leadership, Strategic Awareness, and a Prosperity perspective. To prosper and thrive in the decade ahead, leaders have to think differently about reinvigorating their business.