Autonomous drones (UAVs)

Andreas Raptopoulos is the CEO and a co founder of a startup called Matternet. The company introduces a new type of transportation system that uses electric autonomous flying machines (autonomous drones) to deliver medicine, food, goods and supplies wherever they are needed.  Matternet is a company at the intersection of the best technology and excellence in design..... transporting goods in cities as well as places with inefficient or nonexistent road infrastructure.

Image Credit - Matternet

Image Credit - Matternet

Andreas Raptopoulos and his team chose to do this because they believe that it can have an amazing impact. Imagine one billion people being connected to physical goods in the same way that mobile telecommunications connect them to information. In the developing world, they hope to reach millions of people with better vaccines, reach them with better medication. It would provide a huge advantage in battling HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other epidemics. 

In cities, their cloud-based navigation system is revolutionizing transport logistics. In the developing world, Matternet drones can carry 2 kg packages such as medicine, documents, replacement parts or other critical goods for transportation.  They use three key technologies. The first is electric autonomous flying vehicles. The second is automated ground stations that the vehicles fly in and out of to swap batteries and fly farther, or pick up or deliver loads. And the third is the operating system that manages the whole network.

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