A Google & Ford Self Drive Car project

Ford is set to team up with Google to produce self-driving cars. This partnership could speed up the introduction of self-driving vehicles by giving the Ford company access to Google’s wealth of software development, while Google would benefit from the industrial and automotive know-how of Ford. The joint venture would use Google’s very advanced autonomous software in Ford cars, playing to each company’s strength. 

Google is expected to make its self-driving cars division, which will offer rides for hire, a stand-alone business under its parent company, Alphabet, next year, Bloomberg reported earlier. Fully autonomous cars could eventually prevent thousands of crashes, deaths and injuries, reduce oil use through better traffic management and extend personal mobility to people unable to drive.

Google and Ford will announce a new joint venture at CES to build self-driving vehicles with Google's technology. The partnership will save Alphabet years of R&D and billions of dollars, while Ford gets the chance to leapfrog other automakers by releasing the modern version of the Model T.