Influence of Drones

Drones are delivering the ability to transform wildlife conservation, illegal fishing patrols and detect illegal poachers from the air. Now these unmanned aerial vehicles look set to be a big boon in efforts to preserve, monitor, and restore rainforests around the world. Drones will be a game changer for tropical forest recovery and conservation, as many rainforest regions are difficult to access and many land owners are individual farmers who possess neither the time, the skill or the money. Read More


Drones are already proving incredibly efficient at aerial mapping on building sites, and they are forming an integral part of business operations for innovative construction firms the world over. A drone has a unique set of attributes that sets it apart from conventional construction machinery, unlike cranes, drones have the ability to reach any point in space. Drones can be a major contribution on the projects where labor is prohibitively expensive, or workers cannot go there.