The supermarket of the future

Coop Italia collaborated with Accenture to showcase the ground-breaking Supermarket of the Future using advanced technologies at Expo Milano 2015. The store recreates the atmosphere of local open-air markets but provides innovative digital solutions that share information, facilitate store navigation and improve staff communication. 

The Supermarket of the Future transforms the customer experience with digital tools that make shopping more convenient, relevant and personalized. In the supermarket of the future, consumers would be able read detailed descriptions of the origins and health aspects of the foods they're buying, according to Carlo Ratti Associati, the firm that designed the supermarket.

There are also no shelves in the supermarket of the future.  Buying food will be more about a moment of exchange and interactions, not the hasty choir it represents for most people. The supermarket of the future will be all about human interactions; interactions between people and products and between people and people.”