Wearable Smart Jewelry

CUFF is a smart device that works with stylish jewelry to keep you feeling safe and connected — even when your phone is in your purse. Unlike other would-be wearable jewelry, Cuff has an interchangeable module called CuffLinc that pops into a variety of designs. You could wear it in a pendant, a bracelet, keychain, or any other accessory designed to hold it. 

Cuffs are wearable GPS bracelets that, when connected to other devices worn by loved ones, will vibrate when the wearer presses a button. The device is being marketed as a tool for both emergency situations and simple attention grabbing. The CUFF app enables you to set up a network of trusted friends and family who will be notified when you need help.

The CUFF works without requiring any charging, eliminating the hassle of one more cord to plug in. It will stay fully charged for 6-12 months (depending on usage) before needing to be replaced. Cuff's appearance makes it unnoticeable as a smart device, instead looking like fashionable jewelry,  the device will launch with compatible apps for both iOS and Android. Price: $50 - $150 (pre-order)