3D Printing: Food In Space

NASA sees 3D-printed food as a revolutionary way to make personalized meals for astronauts.

NASA and a Texas company are exploring the possibility of using a "3D printer" on deep space missions in a way where the "D" would stand for dining. The 3D Printing food in Space  has the potential to save space and could easily create a wider variety of dishes from the components astronauts usually have on hand.

Perhaps in the future you won’t even order pizza to be delivered anymore — you’ll just have the recipe sent to your 3D food printer. 

NASA recognizes in-space and additive manufacturing offers the potential for new mission opportunities, whether "printing" food, tools or entire spacecraft. Additive manufacturing offers opportunities to get the best fit, form and delivery systems of materials for deep space travel.

Will printed food go beyond being a resourceful way to make personalized meals for astronauts? Should it replace other foods or supplement the nutritional value of existing foods?

Could this be a great step forward in the world of sustainable food creation?