3D-Printed Houses

Modern development and research has been under way since 2004 to flexibly construct buildings for commercial and private habitation using 3d Printing. 

A Chinese construction firm (WinSun) based in Shanghai has succeeded in building 10 houses each measuring 200 square metres in 24 hours by using an enormous 3D printer.  Ten demo houses were built in 24 hours, each costing US$5000. "A group of 3D printed houses, 200 m2 each, recently appeared in Shanghai, China. These buildings were created entirely out of concrete using a gigantic 3D printer." read more in 3ders.org

Speaking to the International Business Times, Ma said: “Industrial waste from demolished buildings is damaging our environment, but with 3D-printing, we are able to recycle construction waste and turn it into new building materials. This would create a much safer environment for construction workers and greatly reduce construction costs.”

According to Architecture News "Other companies have been experimenting with plans to 3D print entire buildings, most notably Dus Architects and Ultimaker in the Netherlands."