A low-cost light revolution

Have you heard of the award-winning WakaWaka Light?

WakaWaka is a sturdy, highly efficient, sustainable, self-powered LED lamp that is affordable for those living on $2 per day or less.  It is a Netherlands-based invention which contains a microchip that, when placed inside a photovoltaic panel, "lures every sunray" into producing electricity.  This chip ensures that no other solar lamp in the world can match the efficiency of WakaWaka.

In low light conditions, the efficiency can be up to 200% of that of an ‘ordinary solar lamp’. In practice it means, that no matter where you are in the world, WakaWaka will work. Independent researchers show that the solar version of the WakaWaka is twice as efficient as any other solar lamp on the market. For more information see the website.

This is a wonderful example of No More Business As Usual.

The WakaWaka's business vision is ' to brighten up the lives of underpriviledged people in developing countries'. The company has a cross-subsidy model that enables the business to meet the affordability objectives. In essence, rich folk agree to pay more so that poorer consumers can pay less. Sold online, the WakaWaka lamps retail at around €29.50 in Europe and $39 in the United States. In developing world countries, the price is closer to $10.