Masterclass 2-Day Workshop

Copenhagen and Livestreamed October 2014


The Keys to Creating a Better Future for Your Business

Have you ever wondered how some people create a phenomenal business and live an incredible life? … How is it that some people seem to get so much more out of life, while others must put forth a great effort just to get by?

It’s no accident that certain individuals excel, while others merely exist.

In this comprehensive 2-day workshop, Chutisa and Steven Bowman will present different ways of thinking about business that will encourage you to create your business from the edge of possibility. Leading from the edge of possibility is the adventure you will have to take if you are sincere about creating a better future for your business.

This workshop is about generating a business that is far greater than the one you already have. Chutisa and Steven will show you how to become a master of change by harnessing the ability to change which will lead to amazing growth and unlimited possibilities. They will also discuss how to become an insatiable innovator and to think differently about reinvigorating your business.  

They will provide you with practical tools and principles to help unleash the strategic awareness and innovative potential that lies within you. These simple, elegant tools have the power to change your business in ways that no "revolutionary" system, "radical" plan, or "groundbreaking" method has ever been able to. 


Day 1 - Visionary Energy and Strategies for Excellence

This session explores the 4 key attributes for creating a remarkable business: Vision, Strategic Awareness Platform and Priority. Through their insight and experiences Chutisa and Steve will guide you to develop your personal or business vision that will transform the way you thought about what is possible, feasible, and attainable.

You’ll become aware of and overcome the things that are holding you back. It’s all about looking at things from a different point of view.


Day 2 - The Innovation Odyssey

The ability to generate, to create and to sustain unlimited possibilities is essential to success in any business endeavor. This session explores the essential skills necessary to achieve new insights and possibilities in any business endeavor. Topics include:

  • Question, Choice, Possibility and Contribution as a business generator
  • Prosperity Consciousness as a creative driver     
  • Skills for sustaining innovative processes     
  • Developing financial awareness


Who is the workshop designed for?

‘The Key to Creating a Better Future for Your Business’ workshop is designed for existing business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to escape the ‘rat race’ and start their own business.



Facilitator:                Chutisa and Steven Bowman

Date & Location:      

Copenhagen, Denmark- 4 & 5 October 2014  

Livestreamed to your location. 


You are invited to attend this class online. Online classes allow you to participate in a live class from your lounge room or anywhere you have Internet access. 

Join us in "live time" or anytime after the event that works for you! You will have access to the video REPLAY to watch again and again any time you choose it. You will both have access to the video of the class and the MP3 recordings.

During the live stream of the class we invite you to ask questions, either written or we will Skype with you.


Cost:                        USD$1200 (850 Euro)


Event Coordinator:   Lisen Bengtsson

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