Do you have a big idea that would make a difference in the world?

Having a big idea is great but absolutely nothing changes unless we act. We can think and extrapolate all we can about our big idea, but until we take action and until we act on the idea there is nothing tangible to show for all that extrapolation. 

To physical actualise our big idea, we must make choices and commitments, and take action, with future possibilities in our awareness. Most important we must believe that we have the capacity to actualize our big idea, we must believe in ourselves.  A lot of people have failed to achieve success because they did not believe in themselves! How can we actualize our desire if we do not believe in ourselves that we have the ability to achieve our desire? Believe in ourself that we can do it, and the power to fulfil our desire will expand and grow!

What is required is for us to acknowledge the fact that our idea will be a major contribution to the world. We need to believe in our idea. There’s really no point in doing something unless we feel really good about it and proud of it. There is no point creating a new product or service unless it is going to be a contribution in the world. We’ve got to make sure that every aspect of what we do is generating new and different possibilities for us and for the world.

Turn your big idea into a burning desire. 
A burning desire to achieve your big idea boosts your commitment and will aid you in pulling through some of the trauma, drama, upset and intrigue that is likely to occur along the way. The way to turn your big idea into a burning desire is to believe that your big idea is truly valuable and that you can achieve it. If you just look at it as a general wish, such as being an entrepreneur, or wanting to have your own business without really doing anything, then you won't be able to take it seriously. If you have a burning desire to have a successful business, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. You must never give up, never quit and never take “No” for an answer. Most important, It should be fun for you to do this. You’ve got to be willing to have a sense of the fun and a joy of what you do.

Next, you need determination to physically actualise your big idea. Most people in the world stop doing what’s going to become successful just before it’s going to become successful. About three steps beyond that are where they’ll have the biggest breakthrough and when they are about to succeed is when they quit. Instead of quitting, they could ask, “What do I have to add to this today to bring this to fruition right away?”  

A determination is a commitment towards actualising your burning desire no matter the difficulties that may come your way.  Determination simply means to give yourself time and effort to ensure success. This can be done by living in the question and acting on the possibility of things. This will make the improbable or the seemingly impossible come about by bringing awareness and resources to things that lie beyond contextual reality and business-as-usual. This enhances the potentiality and probability of success enormously, ensuring that prospects and possibilities get generated into reality. 

This is the way it works; you ask a question. Then the awareness of what that might be shows up later. It hardly ever shows up right then. It can - the energy of it can - but what that means might not show up for quite some time. Then follow your knowing and be the question - what’s really going to work here for me? What do I want? How’s this going to work for me? And what is it I want to create more than anything else? When you function from the place of following your knowing you will always know what is right for you.  Try to see the bigger picture of things rather than always being stuck in the details.

The truth is, all business requires that you put more energy into it to begin with and you have to allow for that and be willing for it to take one, two or three years to build it up to where you would like it to be. It can be really intense and uncomfortable and we have to just be in allowance of it and step into it and let it be what it is. This is a choice we have to be willing to make.

Don’t be vested in the outcome. Follow the energy
For our idea to work, we need to have no point of view on how it shows up. Just put it out there. We must take a step toward implementation of our idea to ascertain whether anyone is interested and whether there is any potential market.  Be in the question “I wonder who would be interested in my idea?” Putting it out there is asking the universe “Ok so does anybody want this product or service?” It’s not just looking to create a result right away. 

Being vested in a certain result does not generate anything. If we just put it out there and have no point of view about what might show up, and it doesn’t matter if it does or it doesn’t, then magic occurs. When we are vested in the outcome we will always feel like a failure no matter what occurs. If we don’t get a positive reaction, we can be the question and ask, "What can we do differently that would generate different possibilities?"

Be open to any and all potential outcomes. You may end up far from where you expected to be, but actually, be in exactly the right spot. Be ready and willing to receive all that comes. Beyond being open, you also need to be willing to receive the possible outcome of your efforts, be that risk, pissing someone off, or receiving exactly the fulfillment, success and greatness that you have asked for. 

7 Qualities every woman entrepreneur needs

Women entrepreneurs are changing the paradigms of business and will have a huge impact on future possibilities for the world. Today's women have chosen to create a life that is profoundly different from previous generations. The shifting roles of women in business and at home have dramatically changed society around the world. Yet what seems to be occurring is that while women have established and developed their roles as entrepreneurs, when it comes to navigating the business arena, they are still using old blueprints (business-as-usual) that don't get them to the place they really desire to create and generate.

Maintaining business-as-usual obligates us to stay within our comfort zone and prevents us from going beyond the bounds of what is deemed normal and customary by the standards of this reality. We have no choice but to yield to the level of average, unremarkable, mediocre, and run-of-the-mill.

Remarkable outcomes and outstanding success can be generated only from adopting a no-more-business-as-usual mindset and actions. A good place to start is to cultivate and expand the 7 qualities below:

1. Insatiably curious approach to life – curiosity is the greatness of life on planet earth, it is what makes life fun.  You are in a state of curiosity when you are living as the question. Living as the question is more than just putting a question mark at the end of your sentence.  It’s a way of being in which you are the question.

2. Follow your knowing - Knowing is awareness of what is possible without having any judgment about it. When you follow your knowing, you are aware whether your choice will be expansive and create more possibilities or contractive and create limitation for you and everyone else. Functioning from knowing is not done through force and exertion. It occurs by following the energy, which is about asking questions so that the universe and your inner knowing have an avenue for responding.

3. Expanded zone of awareness - An expanded zone of awareness allows you to see different possibilities, to recognise different courses of action and to invest possible futures. With an expanded zone of awareness you have power to move beyond logic and analysis and tap into your awareness to make decisions that are conscious, insightful and innovative. 

4. Pragmatic and Strategic - It is essential to function not only as a strategist, but also be pragmatic and become a master at getting others excited about helping grow the business. We must be present with what is and be aware of what is truly possible to create and generate. It means, develop capacity to take calculated risks and to make the most of every opportunity to generate new and different possibilities.

5. Flexible and Adaptable - Let go of fixed points of view. If you have a fixed point of view about anything, you automatically deny the possibilities that there are better and more expansive things available. Great opportunities always come from occurrences and events that are happening now. If you are blinded by your fixed points of view, you won’t see the opportunities until it’s too late.

6. Future orientation - cultivate an ability to be aware of future trends and how these trends may affect your business. The future is the source for the creation of your business and your life. The future arises from a constant stream of actions, choices, decisions, and strategies that have to be made in the present with as much conscious awareness, foresight, skill, astuteness, and wisdom possible. 

7. Be a visionary and have a strong penchant for innovation - develop an ability to envision different possibilities and inspire people to perceive and receive your vision. You must have a clear perspective about where the external landscape might be going and be willing to act on the fringe, take a risk, and never try to put yourself in context with everything else.

It is important to recognise that these qualities are not exclusive to women entrepreneurs, or unattainable to those on other career paths. These qualities are natural and inherent in all of us but we must choose to develop them. Developing these 7 qualities is one of the best self-growth initiatives we can undertake. Who we are, what we think, our points of view and beliefs absolutely determine the results we get. We must challenge ourselves to overcome and change what's not working, or we become irrelevant.

3 Key elements that are critical to success for entrepreneurs

For many years, I have been in conversation with amazing entrepreneurial women across the globe. Throughout, I’ve heard many interesting perspectives about success, and I'm convinced that what actually separates successful entrepreneurs from mediocre entrepreneurs is their big bold vision (a vision that is about more than just making money), and the willingness to take big risks. Do you see how crucial it is to have both elements? It’s one thing to have a grand vision. But without taking risks it will remain only a dream.

Below are the three key elements at work behind all the super successful entrepreneurs we know:

1. Inspiring bold vision - To be successful you must have an inspiring vision of what you would like to create. It is crucial to develop an ability to dream bigger, to have a grander priority and vision. The challenge is to put your energy on your vision, to match it with your actions, words, attitude, behaviour and action.  Whatever is occurring in your life is coming from your vision and image you hold about yourself. Begin by believing in your bold vision. Great successes all begin with an inspiring vision.

Once you have an inspiring bold vision you must also be 'DRIVEN' to make your vision come true - It is not enough to just have a bold vision. You can have the most amazing and inspiring bold vision in the world, but if you are not driven to actualise it, your vision doesn't matter.  A person who is not driven and committed to actualise their vision will do nothing with their bold vision other than fantasise, and perhaps talk big. It is essential to be driven to make the impossible possible. You may not know how to achieve your grand vision, or what it would take for that to come to fruition, but you must trust that you will be able to figure it out. You must trust yourself and your vision, no matter what anyone else thinks. 

 2. Take a big risk - You will never actualise your grand vision or create a life that is more than what you currently have if you are not willing to take a big risk. Often people have a grand vision of what they want to achieve, but they still don’t do it. This is because they are risk averse and afraid of failing. They won’t let themselves gain because they might lose. Instead of going, “No matter what it takes, I am going to risk everything to actually bring my vision into reality,” most people are unwilling to risk, because they don’t want to lose what they already have. By avoiding any kind of risk, you systematically shut down your awareness,  and make your world smaller.

3. Only do what you love and truly love what you do -  This is the fuel that drives your vision and keeps you going when there is no outside acknowledgment for your vision. The only way you can persist with your creation and to do great work is to truly love what you do. If you don't love what you do, you're not going to have the perseverance to stick it through.

Better Than You Believe

Your ability to create your business and your life is so much better than you believe. You deserve more credit than you sometimes give yourself. Once you fully appreciate this and hold it as your outlook, you will recognize that your future depends on this outlook. The simple fact is that nothing more directly affects your future than your points of view and your outlook. You are better than you believe.

Successful entrepreneurs have gratitude for their ability to trust in themselves!

The biggest difference I’ve noticed between the successful entrepreneur and unsuccessful people isn’t intelligence or opportunity or resources. It’s the belief that they can successfully create their life and business with ease. They trust in their ability to create. This confidence has made them different. Just a simple trust in themselves. 

When they see an opportunity that sounds awesome but that they're not qualified for, they trust that they’ll figure it out and go for it anyway. They have the ability to deal with uncertainty and failure. They trust that if they move forward anyway, then they will figure it out. 

Golda Meir: Image Credit -

Golda Meir: Image Credit -

Israel’s own imperious ‘iron lady’  and first woman prime minister, Golda Meir, once said: "Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement." 

One of my favorite quotes from her is “I can honestly say that I was never affected by the question of the success of an undertaking. If I felt it was the right thing to do, I was for it regardless of the possible outcome.” That underlies how much she trusted herself in all that she did and the gratitude she had for her ability to trust in herself. 


Do you have gratitude for yourself and a trust in your ability? 

Do you believe that it is truly possible for you to create a remarkable business? Do you believe that it is possible to raise the bar in your own life even if the world around you accepts average? Do you trust that you can make a difference in the world and that you can make those things happen with ease?

If you don’t believe that it’s possible to make new things work, then it’s hard to make any progress. I don’t care how good the ideas are, nothing will work for you if you don’t believe in them. And more importantly, nothing will work if you don’t believe in yourself.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
—John F. Kennedy

Innovate or stagnate

Do you have what it takes to prosper and thrive?

Innovation separates champions from losers in the marketplace. We live in an era of unprecedented, relentless and rapid change. Globalization, hyper-innovation and business market turmoil, continuous technology evolutions and rapid scientific advances are commonplace. Things are changing rapidly. It’s the new business reality. Making decisions and taking action have become more complex for business leaders in all industries and in all markets. Remarkable achievement and outstanding success can be generated only from being innovative.

People who continue to pursue innovation position themselves to better weather difficult economic times. And they create the conditions for more rapid growth when the economic climate improves.  Are you ready? If your are innovative you will stand out from the crowd.

Innovation is something that notable world-class organizations and individuals choose to do everyday to generate outstanding achievements. They recognize that innovation is the best way to sustain financial prosperity. Innovation allows businesses and individuals to operate in the realm of unlimited possibility that increases their ability to generate different possibilities - which increases productivity. Enhanced productivity increases the possibilities of higher income, higher profits and prosperous financial results.


Innovation is the key to your success

Essentially, innovation is the key to your success no matter who you are or what you do. The minute you stop innovating is the minute you become irrelevant. Innovation isn’t something you do once and then sit back and forget about it. Indeed you need different skills to take you into a future that is becoming far more complex, challenging and different by the minute.

Being innovative demands a new way of being, agility and flexibility. How can you keep operating the way you do – with the same business procedures, structures, conventions and methodologies, when the rate of change that envelopes your organization is so dramatic and so dynamic and speedy? You must cultivate the skill and insight to prepare for a future that is rushing at you faster than ever before.

Here are 5 tips for cultivating the skill and ability of an innovator:

1.     Be open and intensely curious about everything you encounter. Insatiable curiosity is the key to innovation.

2.     Cultivate the courage to stand alone, even in the face of unfavorable consequences and be willing to be a nonconformist.

3.     Expand your awareness and be persistent and relentless in your search for insight, inspirations and ideas.

4.     Change your focus. Let go of the fixed points of view, assumptions and conclusions that based on your past experience. Stretch your perception beyond reality to possibility.

5.     Cultivate a full-spectrum perspective. Stop functioning from a linear perspective. Start looking at things from different standpoints and be willing to embrace and deal with complex and diverse ideas.

What does it really mean to innovate?

Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business, and help you adapt and grow in the marketplace.  To innovate, a business must  generate different possibilities and create value, not just create something new.

Being innovative does not mean inventing; innovation can mean being all the awareness you are. It's being the question that create the catalyst, the contribution and the possibilities in the world.