How to be a true Entrepreneur

We see entrepreneurs as anyone who chooses to be a creator source of their life and their reality and generate income streams from their own businesses.  Some entrepreneurs do what they do for the money, but most do it because of their personal vision, priority and the persistent desire to create something different.  For most entrepreneurs, the ultimate objective is to become financially independent, and to have a freedom from the day-to-day drudgery of trading time for money.

The sad thing is that nine out of ten entrepreneurs do not become sustainably prosperous and wealthy. Even with all the hard work and commitment, most entrepreneurs do not make much money.  The main reason they don't make money is because they don't educate themselves about money and finance, or what it would take to generate a thriving business.

If you are going to be a truly prosperous entrepreneur, you've got to be willing to function at a more generative energy space and consciousness than what you have been willing to be.

The world is filled with aspiring entrepreneurs who have an erroneous and misguided view of what it means to own a business.  For most entrepreneurs, creating a successful business often means having a well-paid job without having to report to a boss. Many entrepreneurs started their venture because they wanted to be in control of their lives, have the freedom to do things their way and not have to kowtow to the dictates of some higher power.

There are far too many people willing to jump into a business that they have absolutely no experience in and, most importantly, without being financially savvy. Much of what people think is entrepreneurship is really a different version of working hard for the money. Unhappily, they end up just acquiring a 60 hour work week job with no time off, with not much revenue and no financial freedom.

When you have your own company, everyone else is your boss. You have to account to your clients, customers, staff, shareholders, media, and other stakeholders. So, it is definitely not having the freedom to do things your way and being financially independent. The point is, be sure you know why you choose to become an entrepreneur.

The key questions are: what do you want from your venture, why do you choose to be an entrepreneur, what do you really want to create as your life and your financial reality?

In order to create what you truly desire, you have to be aware of what you truly desire to have, and you have to get the parameters of what you would like to create as your business and life. The problem is, very few people actually have the awareness and the clarity.

Knowing what you want to create as your business, as your life and your financial reality is important because it helps you to ascertain how much money you have to create so you can create the business and life you desire.  If you start from that place you can start to generate what would be joyful to have as your life.

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