Entrepreneur Toolkit

Being financially savvy and functioning with strategic awareness is what sets high-profit entrepreneurs apart from ones that are barely scraping by.

Most entrepreneurs start their ventures without acquiring financial awareness and business know how. This is not a good start.  To prosper and thrive in the decade ahead, you have to think differently about reinvigorating your business. You must be willing to let go of all the timeworn conventional business models that keep their business from being remarkable.


Secrets of a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

The difference between a wildly successful entrepreneur and those that fail is often due to their ability to consciously deal with money and finance as well as their capacity to function with strategic awareness.


The two big reasons many new businesses fail

The sad thing is that nine out of ten entrepreneurs do not become sustainably prosperous and wealthy. The main reason they don't make money is because they don't educate themselves about money and finance, or what it would take to generate a thriving business.