Forecasting Possibilities

Even though the future can not truly be predicted, we can, however, use our awareness to forecast future possibilities. Forecasting possibilities means we're willing to look at the future and see what a choice is going to create. Our awareness is the tool to know what the future might look like.

The starting point is about being aware of what's going on out there in the world, what's happening now and what has occurred in recent times. This could be from recognising changes in the society, sciences, technology, environment and so on. We must constantly be in the question "What do these changes and innovations mean?" and  "What is the likely impacts of these changes and innovations? "

These questions are not supposed to forecast the future, they are being used to look at what's currently occurring. When we are asking these questions we aren't asking, "What will the future look like?" We are asking instead, "What choice do we have and what do we have to choose today to create the future?"

We have to create today in order to have what we want tomorrow

What creates the future is what we do today, in the present moment. The future requires choices and actions - now. Our choices and actions accumulate and have an impact on what the future will be. So, we need to ask - "What can we do now to prepare for future possibilities that will shape our life, our business and our future?"

So, to begin to create our future today, we have to embrace a new awareness of different possibilities that will not just transform our life or our business but also act as a catalyst to transform society and even the world. This is truly possible if we choose to expand our zone of awareness beyond our normal ways of thinking so that we can be on the alert for what is new and different, and envisage what the options and possibilities could be. 

We have to become more aware of emerging trends, and  the innovations that are being generated in the world right now. We must expand our capacity to see the landscape from multiple angles and ascertain how we can capitalise on it. 

We have to be willing to embrace change and consider the impact of emerging trends. Whenever and wherever we notice an anomaly or oddity, we must envision what the new landscape might be if what we are perceiving is a signal of powerful change. Most importantly, we must envisage how we might take advantage of the new possibilities.

To consciously create our future requires that we go to question - “What’s possible here? What choice do I have? What choice do I need to make here?", and most important we must ACT on it. We have to create today in order to have what we want in the future.