How being a conscious leader will uplift your life

Being a conscious leader is not an accident of genetics or upbringing; it's the by-product of conscious choice and practice. It requires a different level of awareness and the willingness to recognize the choice. It is about the awareness of who you truly are - an infinite being.

Being a conscious leader of your life is the generative energy of living.

You are an infinite being; you are energy, space, and consciousness. As that, you can choose to function from this and generate your life. This recognition is one of the biggest superpowers that will unlock just about everything you do in life. When you function from the energy, space, and consciousness of an infinite being you then function from choice and possibility. You would be able to make anything work for you that you are willing to make work for you.

Most people misunderstand the meaning of an infinite being. They think that it is about spirit, soul, mind, body, brain function, god, higher powers etc. These definitions are not what we mean by being an infinite being. An infinite being is one who can choose to do anything, to experience anything, to have anything, to create anything and to generate anything. 

If you would like to be a leader in your own life, you have to recognize that you are an infinite being and you are the generator for everything in your life.  It requires you to be you and be aware. From that space of being, you have infinite choice and infinite possibility.

You have to be willing to know what is right for you, regardless of whether anybody else gets it or not.  You can’t be a leader and be normal, average, real, and the same as everyone else.