Leaders who generate phenomenal success operate beyond competing

In our quest to generate change and transformation in the world as social change agents, we have studied business leaders who have generated affirmative change in the world. Our research confirms that leaders who generate phenomenal success as well as transformational change tend to operate beyond competing. Instead of following a conventional business as usual approach, they strive to generate success and transformational change beyond the bottom line.

Watch the video of Steve Jobs talking about his way of managing people. His explanation demonstrates that being a contribution is a generative and dynamic way of leading people and business that is guaranteed to transform you as well as your staff and your organization.



Being a contribution in business does not mean being the source of it. When leaders choose to be the source, everything begins and ends with them. They tend to do everything in the business and cling to familiar territory and stereotypical answers. They are the answer. It is dangerous for leaders to become the source because this can lead to micromanagement, where they attempt to control every department, task, event, activity, plan—the entire business.