Leadership is a state of being

Being a leader is not the same as acting as one,
and calling yourself a leader is not the same as being one.


People who choose leadership or who are given the opportunity to be a leader, have three choices that they can make. They can choose to be a Conscious leader, an Unconscious leader, or an Anti-conscious leader.  

To evolve from leadership to conscious leadership, leaders must have a sincerity and willingness to be conscious leaders, and they must demand of themselves to choose consciousness, no matter what it takes.  The first question that leaders must ask themselves is “Do I have a sincere aspiration and willingness to be a conscious leader?” The answer can only be ‘yes’ or ‘no’, because wishful desire does not provide a fertile inner ecology required for consciousness to expand.  Sincerity and willingness are essential, because they facilitate consciousness to expand its possibilities by motivating the leader to demand of themselves to choose consciousness.