Your consciousness around money

No matter the size and type of your business and income, you have infinite possibility and opportunity to create a successful business, and experience true prosperity. Your ability to lead your business to extraordinary success is directly related to your consciousness around money and prosperity. If you focus your consciousness towards scarcity and lack, you will draw limited amounts of money and success to you and your business. 

You can have all the education, knowledge and skills in the world, and still be financially restricted if your consciousness is not focused on prosperity.

Most business owners and leaders are not skilled at harnessing the power of prosperity consciousness to create their business. They often operate their business and life based on unconscious conditioning that has trapped them in a cycle of confusion, dissatisfaction and an endless chase for more. 

From our experience of working with countless business owners, most function in the scarcity paradigm. They spend far too much time working IN their business, doing routine uncreative work that could be done by any employee with the necessary skills. 

Are you one of these people who are limited by your concern for survival and competition based on a generalized assumption of scarcity? Are you making many decisions and are generally quite busy being busy, but are unaware of what has influenced your decisions, actions or feelings? Are you generally inclined to blame most problems on external forces? Do you feel that luck, outside events, other people or fate often have an influence on your current situation? Do you feel that what you now have is possibly as good as it gets?

How can you tell where your consciousness is focused?

One of the most obvious ways is to look at your results.

•Look at your business success.

•Look at how hard you work for your money. Is money a struggle or does it come to you easily?

•Look at your relationships that involve money.

Whatever results you are creating in your business and in your life, success or failure, positive or negative, abundance or lack, please recognize that your outer reality is simply an expression of your inner focus. If things aren’t going well in your life and if you are experiencing a limitation or difficulty in your business, there has to be something you are unwilling to perceive. That is how your life becomes limited and unhappy. In fact, it’s the only way your reality becomes limited.