No More Business As Usual' is about change, about choice and about unlimited possibilities. 

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NMBAU presents a new way of generating business and leading a life that is a significant departure from the status quo and conventional approach.


The No More Business As Usual Book

This 'No More Business As Usual' Book takes the mystery out of innovation. It is intended to reveal the general principles that can intensify your awareness, enhance your innovative capacity and inspire you to create something entirely different.  

Innovative organizations do not miraculously come into existence. They must continually challenge themselves to keep up with rapid change in the business environment in which they operate.

Innovation is a commitment to continuous transformation on everyone's part. This book sheds light on how leaders, by choosing to develop strategic awareness and by expanding their capacity to innovate, can evolve to thrive and lead from the edge of infinite possibilities. .... Book Summary

The Key Points

In this tumultuous business environment, doing business-as-usual is a formula for business derailment and financial meltdown. To prosper and thrive in the decade ahead, leaders have to think differently about reinvigorating their business. They must be willing to let go of all the timeworn conventional business models that keep their business from being remarkable..... READ MORE

Put into practice

The only way for companies to start operating based on ‘No More Business As Usual’ paradigm is to stop trying to follow conventional business model. It requires a willingness to generate visions, strategies, ideas, and actions that do not fit the patterns on which you’ve built your previous success...... READ MORE

“I have read many many books on business and this one blew me away with the wisdom and succinctness that is presented in this book, probably a book that everyone in the world should read and only the smart ones will.”
.... Gary Douglas  (founder of Access Consciousness)


"This is a book that will appeal to business leaders who are open to exploring change. The authors challenge readers to change the way they think about and run their business and explores ways to redefine their leadership and management capacity."  ...... Recruitment extra October 2013