Creating greater possibilities: Benevolent Capitalism series with top international business mentors

For many people, the word capitalism seems at direct odds with the word benevolence but Steven and Chutisa Bowman and Gary Douglas believe it's not only possible, but easy, to run a business that increases your wealth and contributes to society simultaneously. Welcome to Benevolent Capitalism, a concept they will be exploring and discussing at a free Google Hangout series running every Thursday from 17 July to 11 December this year.

Chutisa and Steve Bowman currently advise over 400 organizations a year including over a 1000 CEOS and Board Chairs, some of large international companies. They look at business in a totally different way, where it's not just important what the business gets out of financial success but how it contributes to itself and everyone around it. They are also authors of the very successful book "No more business as usual", which questions everything people think they know about the requirements for strategic success.

"It's important to realize it's not all about getting your share and not caring about what happens to anyone else. If people do that they will use up all resources and won't come anywhere close to creating a sustainable reality or a sustainable planet." says Gary Douglas, a Texas based multimillionaire.

As two people who have spent a lot of their lives in senior corporate positions,  Chutisa and Steven have learnt firsthand what makes a business function truly successfully or not. "The key idea behind benevolent capitalism is about generating a sustainable future from a generosity of spirit as well as creating wealth and revenue. Several companies who are doing this well  already are: GE, Nordstrom, Honeywell, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Colgate-Palmolive, Ford, Gap, Madcap Coffee, Container Store, Proctor and Gamble and Levi Strauss," says Steven Bowman

Gary Douglas, founder of global business Access Consciousness is also a huge advocate of this way of doing business. "There is nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself. Capitalism is not evil. What is wrong is when you don't look beyond that to find a way to make your business grow and become something greater than profit and loss. Functioning from benevolent capitalism is where you are working to create more in the world for everybody, not just you, and it's a very powerful concept when executed well."

The Google Hangout series will take place on Thursdays at 4pm Pacific time, 9am (1 Day Later) QLD time and 1am Europe time. This will change later in the year though when daylight savings starts.

 For more information contact Justine McKell on or +61 415 144047

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